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Copy and paste the code in the CODE box into an HTML webpage to embed Scholarometer widget. Before that, you can customize the content and the look of the widget via controls in CUSTOMIZATION box. Scholarometer also provides widgets for Scholar search and list of top authors. Please visit here to see a preview and get these widgets.


Change the value of author name or author ID (then press ENTER) to see your impact analysis widget.

Author name:
Author ID:
The author ID can be obtained when you query for an author from Scholarometer browser extension. The URL of the citation analysis page will be of the form
The ID for the queried author is the string in blue color.


Check items you want on the widget:

Impact measure Detail
cited articles
citation count
h index
Scholarometer %ile


Widget colors:
Click on a color circle to customize color.

heading background color:
heading text color:
content background color:
content text color:
measure color:
Widget dimensions:
Change the value of width (then press ENTER) to customize dimension.

widget width:
widget height:
Font size:
Change the value in the box below (then press ENTER) to customize the font size.

font size: